Thursday, March 17, 2016

Family Vacation to Medellin, Colombia

March 17th 2016

My brother Stephen and I sit on an airplane that will soon take off for Colombia. We hear English and Spanish instructions as the flight attendants give announcements and settle everyone into their seats. We will spend the next eight days with our younger sister MaryEllen and good friend Cameron.
We don't have a structured plan other than where we'll stay at an AirBnB for a week. I'm excited to practice Spanish, meet locals, eat delicious local cuisine and go with the flow. 

Why Colombia? 
Colombia is home to some of the most friendly, generous and shiny people in the world. There are many ecosystems and a progressive lifestyle promoting a healthy planet. 

How do I make the time? I found a cheap plane ticket and felt a strong desire to go. My jobs are part time and I decide when I work and when I play. And you can too! Just do it. And when you do, you'll meet hundreds of other travelers that recently quit their job or are taking a vacation. And so many are so alive and excited for their day! Namaste

Soccer match - Classico - Atletico Nacional v. Medellin. This game was wild! The entire game there was chanting and singing from everyone in the stadium. The SWAT team stood on each corner of the stadium to make sure no fights got out of control. We were concerned for our safety, yet walked away unscathed.

Cameron, myself, MaryEllen, Meredith, Shane and I stand in front of Ruth's shop. Ruth was our next door neighbor and provided us with snacks, beverages and most anything we needed

Shane, Cameron, MaryEllen and Meredith enjoy the view from a special neighborhood filled with art. Several years ago, this neighborhood was the most dangerous in Medellin. The local government gifted paint to the entire community and hired artists to paint murals. It now feels safe and lovely. Amazing what some paint will do! The following pictures show some close up photos of the murals all over town. 

You can climb this big rock to get amazing views from outside Guatape.

Cameron, myself, Stephen and MaryEllen enjoy our view from atop the rock
Famous artist Fernando Botero has many statues in a plaza in Medellin

This statue is named 'Pensive'

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