Monday, November 4, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you afford to travel for so long?

Would you believe it if I told you people make a good living going door to door selling products? Before, during and after university, I worked in sales. I worked for several companies selling their products door to door. Most consistently I worked for Southwestern Advantage selling an educational learning system to families in various towns throughout the US.
Secondly, you do NOT need a lot of money to travel! Life on the road is affordable.

2. What did you study in university? And where?

I studied Psychology and Spanish at Florida State University.

3. What did you bring with you in your backpack? 

The basics. Check out the blog in January 2013 for the full list.

4. How long do you plan on traveling?

There is no plan. Years...

5. Why are you traveling?

Great question. I feel I can write a lot about this topic, but I'll keep it concise.
Initially I got the idea for this trip from Rob Lilwall when he came and spoke at a convention I attended. He spoke about his five year bicycle journey from eastern Siberia to England.
I travel because I want to; I have learned that you do not need many resources to travel. While traveling, I feel an overwhelming sense of excitement which reminds me that I am doing what I love.

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  1. How nice to learn from you!
    FAQ...great! It´ll save you a great deal of explanations...
    Post some more pictures, Jimmy!