Sunday, November 11, 2012

West Coast of US (Oct 12th - Nov 3rd)

West Coast of US

After Montana and Glacier National Park, Dad and I drove west via Highway 6 through beautiful Alberta and British Columbia. The fall colors were unreal! We camped at Porteau Cove Park, which is located on the coast of Howe Sound on the 'Sea to Sky' highway. The next day we drove to Squamish and then drove south to the United States. After passing through the stingy US boarder patrol, which searched our car, we drove south to Seattle.


What a great town! Ryan Hassett, a friend that I met while working with Southwestern from '05-'07, was so nice to open his home for the 5 days I stayed in Seattle. He and his two roommates, Elise and Meggie, were really great hosts. They made my stay much more comfortable and we cooked several delicious meals together. Megan Dochnahl, another friend from Southwestern, met us to cook a meal and go bowling too. Thanks for being you, Megan!
The open air Pike Street Market in downtown Seattle. The fish vendors are famous because they throw the fish that people buy.

Ryan Hassett, Maggie Conlin and myself at the Michael Jackson/Prince party. The three of us worked with Southwestern in 2005. What a great party!

The fall colors were unbelievable! This photo is taken by Elise, Ryan's roommate.

Ryan lent me his bicycle and I rode to Seward park and sent up my hammock in the sunshine. What a beautiful view of Lake Washington and downtown Seattle


After my great time in Seattle, I drove south to Portland. Eliav Cohen, another great friend I worked with at Southwestern, was so generous to let me stay at his new house for the weekend. Eliav took me to the Portland City Grill, which overlooks downtown. Thanks Eliav, I had a great time with you. The next day I met Brittany Zander, another Southwestern alum, and her boyfriend for a little bar crawl. There are hundreds of bars around downtown, all in walking distance. It was so great to see Brittany, for the last time I saw her was in 2006.

Pacific Coast Highway, Oregon

Hair of the Dog Brewery in Portland. 10% abv beer named Adam. Hoo wee.


I continued driving down the West Coast to Mendocino. I met a good friend, Claire Ray, in Mendocino and she showed me around the town. We hiked through the redwoods and had picnic under a fort made sometime before that sheltered us from the light rain.
My hammock set up in a redwood grove. Redwoods are the tallest trees on earth, sometimes towering over 300 feet.

Oakland/San Francisco

I rushed to San Francisco to see Cardinals play the Giants in baseball playoffs in Game 6. It was my first time visiting Steve, my brother, in Oakland and my first time in the bay area since 2008. I love this area! It feels like home. Once I arrived, I met Steve's girlfriend Jess, and she drove us to the train station which we rode to San Francisco to see if we could buy tickets to the playoff baseball game. We got criticized, in mostly good fun, while wearing our Cardinals jerseys. Unfortunately we lost both games and the Giants went on to win the World Series.
The rest of the time here I relaxed quite a bit. Steve is an awesome brother and a great friend. Thanks so much for letting me stay at your place for a week! Joe Dougherty, our cousin, visited for a couple days and we had a great time together.
Stephen's home in Oakland. His beautiful Volvo sits in front

Bay Bridge in the Bay Area

F16 jets fly over Giants baseball stadium at the beginning of game 6

Golden Gate Bridge

View of Alcatraz and downtown San Francisco

Our cousin Joe Dougherty met us to play golf. What a super fun day! The background has a view of Oakland and San Francisco.

Los Angeles

After a relaxing week in the bay area, I drove south to Los Angeles. The first night there, I spent the night in Topanga State Park. Since my allergies to dogs prevent me from staying in certain houses, I set up camp here.
The first day in LA I met a good friend from Florida State, Mike Barile. Mike drove me around Beverly Hills and Hollywood. What a great tour guide and friend! Thanks Mike.
The second day, I spent quality time with Jason Murphy, my dear friend from elementary school. I met his girlfriend, Xiaojing and we spent the day around Westwood, which is home to UCLA. That evening, we cooked dinner and Amanda Moskowitz, another friend from FSU, met us to enjoy. Thanks friends!

Jimmy, Jason and Xiaojing in front of the Getty Museum in Los Angeles

View of monstrous Los Angeles from the Getty Museum

Venice Beach street vendors and artists

I met four girls at a sports bar earlier in the day and they invited me to Shangri-La hotel at the penthouse for happy hour. They knew the bartenders, so we drank a couple beers and watched the sunset. Life's not bad, eh.

Nevada. Try a machine gun today!


  1. I have weird (and by weird, I mean AMAZING) pictures of us that you could totally add on here. They're on FB! Good to see you again, Jimbalino! Besitos <333